Readily available and flexible capital

EJS Credit provides senior loans, mezzanine loans and preferred equity capital for development projects across the real estate asset spectrum, including bridge loans and land loans, and is also a purchaser of performing and non-performing loans. We invest in primary and secondary markets across the United States, with a focus on the New York metropolitan area.

With over $200 million of proprietary capital committed to its lending platform, an efficient decision making structure and a track record of swift and certain execution, EJS Credit is a reliable partner for sponsors and developers in addressing their capital needs.

Our indicative lending parameters are as follows:

  Senior Loan Mezzanine Loan / Preferred Equity
Loan Amount: $10 million -$75 million;
may go higher in select cases
$10 million -$50 million;
may go higher in select cases
Loan Term: 1-5 years 1-5 years
Loan-to-Value/Cost: Up to 65% Up to 85%
Pricing: Starting at 8%;
Pricing tailored to each transaction
Starting at 9%; Pricing tailored to each transaction
Fees: 0.5% – 2% 0.5% – 2%
Prepayment: Flexible Flexible
Locations: Primary and secondary U.S. markets Primary and secondary U.S. markets


Please contact us for more information on our lending platform.


Disclaimer: These lending parameters are indicative only, are subject to change without notice and do not constitute an offer to lend. Rate, LTV/LTC, fees and other loan terms may be adjusted based on several factors including, but not limited to, property location, loan amount, loan type, property type, loan to value/loan to cost and borrower/sponsor quality.